60 Second Film Challenge


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Thank you for your interest in ACI's 60 Second Film Challenge.  Our call for entries is now open.

Submission Deadline:

February 15th, 2016

Please upload your film to youtube, vimeo, or google drive, and share the link of your film here.

If you choose to upload via google drive, the link to your film should be shareable with dclair@my.aci.k12.tr.   Also, be sure to select 'Can Edit'.

(250 words or less)

All submitting filmmakers will be contacted with the email address provided at the time of submission (please add "dclair@aci.k12.tr" to your email address book to ensure receipt of notification). If your email address changes before notifications are sent out, please contact ACISFF immediately with your new email.

I consent to the submission of my film for consideration in any awards that may be made in the context of ACISFF. I certify that all rights and clearances have been obtained. I understand and accept all the submission requirements and  festival regulations set forth in ACI's 60 Second Film Challenge Submission Rules


 Submission Guidelines

The final deadline for 60 Second Film Challenge submissions is February 15, 2016.  The American Collegiate Institute is permitted non-exclusive limited use of film titles, trailers, posters and film excerpts for promotional use including online, print or broadcast media.  Filmmakers (hereafter referred to as Applicant) fully retain all rights, title and interest in their films and all intellectual property.

  • Film entries must be uploaded online via google drive, vimeo, or youtube.
  • Film entries will only be accepted from students currently enrolled at American Collegiate Institute.
  • Film length should be no longer than 60 seconds (title and credits included).
  • Film entries must be in English and include the color RED.
  • All submissions must be the result of student work. Students must be the primary script writers, videographers, artists, editors, and producers of the film entry. (Parents/Teachers may guide, give advice, mentor, teach, and help during the process of creating the film).
  • Students may submit no more than three entries.
  • Films must include digital video, stop-motion or animation. Picture slide shows rendered as films will be disqualified.
  • Films must be appropriate to a high school audience and must follow these guidelines:
    • No obscene, defamatory or gratuitously violent material.
    • No content which may be considered offensive on ethnic, political, religious, sexual, or political grounds.
    • No use, or simulated use of, prohibited or restricted substances.
  • Submission of a film entry automatically transfers unlimited exhibition, duplication and distribution rights to ACI.
  • It is the filmmakers’ responsibility to obtain proper rights, clearances, and permission for any copyrighted material (sound or images) used in their film entries. Examples of copyrighted material may include: popular music, stock footage and still photographs. ACI assumes no responsibility for violation of copyright law. Entrants shall indemnify, defend, and hold ACI and all its representatives harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs, liabilities, and expenses which may be incurred by any breach of these representations, or arising out of any matter contained in the media or otherwise by the ACI use of the media.
  • ACI reserves the right not to accept films considered inappropriate by the organizers, or films that violate the rights of third parties (including, but not limited to,
    rights of copyright).  Films deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful or otherwise
    objectionable will be disqualified. ACI is not required to justify the decision taken, and there will be no right to appeal.

Thanks for your submission!  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.


Please include 30 Second Film Challenge in the subject line.



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